RYT200I’m blogging this process of starting up a yoga instructors practice with the hope that my information will help someone who is starting up.

I am still very new to being a certified yoga instructor. If you are new to teaching, you have to do a couple of things in order to make sure that your teaching practice is covered both educationally and legally.

In Canada, we have to opportunity to be associated with an organization called Yoga Alliance. They are a group that helps yoga instructors with their success as a teacher. They also help to provide teachers with liability insurance.

I registered with Yoga Alliance this weekend. It was about $135.00 CAN. I also got a quote for my insurance. I am looking at about $177.00 CAN a year for personal coverage. I did look into other options but they were going to cost between $300 and $700 CAN a year. The reason they were so much higher than Yoga Alliance is because they do not have the amounts of clients they would need specialized liability insurance.  Since Yoga Alliance is such a large organization, they can offer a far better deal to their members.

If you are a new yoga teacher in Canada, I recommend that you make sure they you register with Yoga Alliance and get your liability coverage. There would be nothing worse than having one of your clients get injured and not have the coverage to help them and yourself. Even if you are under a studio, it’s always good to have your own coverage just in case.

I hope that you have found this helpful!


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