Halfmoon Yoga Practice Mat Review

practicemats-glacierA few months ago, I picked up some new yoga gear from Halfmoon.

The mat I picked up is one of the best that I have ever owned (and I have had a few different mats).

The Practice Mat from Halfmoon has two sides, a soft smooth side for cushioning and a rougher hard side for grip. It works great for whatever practice you are feeling like doing for the day.

The only downside that I found with it was that I needed to give it a really good wash more than once because it would be come slippery when you started to get even a little sweat going. After washing it in the bathtub a couple of times without any soap, it now works perfectly.

I would give this mat a reasonable 9 out of 10 stars. If you are one of my students and would like to order one, I offer a %15 discount from Halfmoon. Message me for more details!


3 thoughts on “Halfmoon Yoga Practice Mat Review

  1. So I have very sweaty hands… how do you think it would hold up?


  2. After you wash the mat, it should be good for that. Right now, I recommend using a mat towel to help with sweaty hands, particularly if you are practising hot yoga. Even if you are not doing hot yoga, a mat towel is still good, I use one regularly.


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