Sadhana Journaling


When I was in my yoga teacher training, our instructors had us do a journaling exercise at the end of each of our own Sadhana (yoga posture practice). It was a way for us to keep track of any changes or shifts in our practice.

As a yoga practitioner, it’s easy to forgot any progress you may have made in your previous practice. Here are a few journaling props to help you keep track of your own Sadhana:

  1. How long did you practice for? Was that enough time or did you feel like you needed more?
  2. Did you have an intention set before your practice and what did you want to focus on? (Intentions can be anything from focusing on your breath, achieving a peek pose, finding your edge, mindfulness of details, etc.)
  3. Did you have any areas of tightness in your body? Did you feel any energy blocks?
  4. Did you feel areas of your body open up more? Where did you feel energy moving?
  5. Did you come across any challenges in your practice?
  6. Were there any experiences that you would like to take with you and apply it to your time off the mat?

You can use these questions to help improve your Sadhana time both in your home or if you are taking regular classes. Try to keep a journal with you for when you finish your practice and write down what you experience before you lose it.

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