Three ways Yoga makes you a better gamer

I am by no means a big gamer but I do have my few gaming passions. I have been a Pokemon Master since 1997 and World of Warcraft Mage since 2005. I have been through every expansion from Vanilla to Legion. I have both Horde and Alliance toons that I love to play. My mains are a Arcane, Blood Elf Mage and a Cat Feral, Night Elf Druid.

Most people do not associate yoga with video games. I want to let you know that it’s more than okay to be a gamer and practice yoga, in fact, it can totally help you game.

Here are three ways that yoga can help you to be a better gamer:

  1. No more Gamer Rage. With yoga, we are taught to be present for all of our emotions, even gamer rage. You know that feeling when you are in the middle of a hard battle or dungeon and something messes up in the game or other players are not helping the way they should be. If you feel a rage quit starting to come on, just take a moment to notice your breath and take a few nice deep yoga breaths. Once you have done that, take a moment and contemplate if raging quitting is really the best option or if you should just play out the battle, even if you lose.
  2. Be present in the moment will help you to make sure that you are not getting distracted while you are in a dungeon or team game. If you are answering Facebook messages or talking to someone while you are supposed to be tanking or covering your teammates back, you can cause a total party wipe. Being present helps you to keep those distractions down and let you be the best at your job.
  3. Quicker Reflexes and better choices. Yoga is not only is a great meditation but it also helps you develop stronger pathways between your brain and your body. This means that you can be even faster with your key entries or controllers and helps you to make the better choices in combat or puzzle solving.

If you would like yoga to help make you a better gamer, I recommend that you try out some beginner yoga poses like downward dog, child’s pose, and warrior I & II. If you would like some personal instruction virtually, I can help. Just contact me via email at or  Facebook message me @ZenMermaidYoga.

If you are World of Warcraft player, add my battletag: claramunro#1957 and see you in Legion!

For the Horde and For the Alliance!


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