A letter to sixteen year old me

sparkler-677774_640Do you remember what it was like to be a teenager? Do you remember how you thought you knew everything? Do you also remember what it was like to discover something new for the first time?

Being sixteen is that point when you are no longer a child but you’re not an adult yet. When I was sixteen, I was a pretty lonely kid. I lived outside the main town and I had just gone through this major break up with my childhood friends. I was an outsider from my peers in pretty much every way. It got to the point when I refused to ride the bus anymore for fear of being rejected further. Instead, I road to school with my mom who worked at my high school. It was better this way because it meant that I could sleep in (on days when I didn’t have jazz band or choir practice).

If I could say something to that sixteen year old Clara, it would be to keep being herself. It didn’t take long for me to make friends with other outsider kids. These girls would end up being some of my best friends and were there with me through some of the hardest things a teenager can face. From depression to dealing with the sudden tragic death of two classmates. We were there for each other.

The other thing I would say to sixteen year old Clara is to remember that not everything needs to be perfect. It’s okay to mess up and try again. In fact, that’s exactly how she will learn to be the person who can take the hits and roll with them. I truly believe that you need to make mistakes in both relationships and in all aspects of life. There is no mistake that you can make that can’t be done again. Sure, if you end up wasting money, that’s fine, you can make more. That’s the nice thing about money, there’s always plenty of it to go around if you are willing to do the work to earn it.

The last advise that I would have for Clara, is to be ready to go on adventures and not be afraid to take a leap of faith. I talked myself out of a lot of potentially amazing adventures in lieu to taking the safer route. That being said, even though I am not sixteen any more, it doesn’t mean I can’t go do those adventures now!

Sixteen year old Clara was a good kid and she grew up to be a good adult. Sixteen year old Clara made some really good choices and thirty three year old Clara is happy for all those choices that she made and for those friendships she has.

If you could say something to your sixteen year old self, what would you day? I would love to hear what you would tell them. Please email me at zenmermaidyoga@gmail.com or Facebook message me @ZenMermaidYoga



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