Yoga Studio app review

downloadI have been using the Yoga Studio app for the last two weeks to help me kick start my morning yoga routine and learn some new poses. One of the advantages to being a yoga teacher is that we can modify our practice to fit any level of learning for students and ourselves.

The Yoga Studio app is a Gaiam app, a company already famous for helping yogis to grow both their yoga and their awareness. They also have a fantastic line of yoga props and gear. I think my first yoga mat was a Gaiam mat.

The Yoga Studio app is $3.99 but totally worth it! I know that there is lot’s of free yoga out there on You Tube and other yoga apps but for just $3.99 you get the best yoga pose instruction videos I have experienced yet. You also get guided lessons and a calendar to track your progress. There are also three levels of lessons: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. I have been doing both the Beginner and Intermediate classes because there are some foundation poses in the Beginner classes that I have not learned before. The app give great ques for the key points of alignment that helps to maintain a safe and strong practice.

This app is great for someone who is actively getting instruction from a live teacher and wants to practice on their own. I would not recommend this app for someone who has never had instruction from a real yoga teacher before. There are important safety lessons that you can only get from a live teacher.

For more information about the Yoga Studio app, please visit the Gaiam blog post found at this link.

If you have been using a yoga app to help grow your practice, I would love to hear about it. Please email me at or Facebook message me @ZenMermaidYoga


2 thoughts on “Yoga Studio app review

  1. You should revise your review in light of the recent debacle involving Gaiam’s Yoga Studio App. They have forced an update from a one time purchase to a monthly subscription, and locked out (aka stolen from) original purchasers from their content unless they sign up for a subscription and pay them more money. They are a scam who are failing to respond to the outpouring of frustration and comments from loyal customers and who have yet to offer any kind of compromise or fix. Deplorable.


  2. Hi there, thanks for your comment. I just checked my app and there’s no subscription service on it. Are you sure that you have the right app? Here’s the link to the one I reviewed:


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