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A few months back, I picked up a little 7” android tablet for about $150. I hadn’t totally intended to make the switch to ebooks but over the last couple of months, I have found myself wanting to read more but not wanting to pick up any more books to clutter my home with. I have kept a few books from my library that I like to read over and over again but for the most part, I have donated the rest of the books that I don’t read anymore.

About a month ago, I had a desire to read this one book by a yoga blogger that I admire. I didn’t want the physical book so I just picked it up on Kobo for about half the price of the physical book. I was shocked how much cheaper ebooks are compared to the physical ones. I ended up reading that book in less than three hours.

Since then, I have picked up four more books, one of which I am already %50 through and I only have been reading it for less than an hour. How do I do know that? The Kobo app tells me how long I have spent readying. It’s strange how reading a chapter in a book can feel like it takes forever but reading 86 pages on an ebook takes only 45 min.

I love books. I love the smell of them, the feel of the pages. I don’t think that owning books will ever truly go away but for those books you just want to read once or maybe takes notes in (because you can totally do that in the Kobo app!) the ebook methode is great.

Do you need an expensive e-reader in order to enjoy ebooks? I suppose it doesn’t hurt but to be honest, if I had not wanted the tablet as a mobile browser for the internet in the house and on the go, I would not have started reading ebooks and I would still be pay too much money for books and having them take up too much space in my home. I like my tablet Kobo reader because it cross syncs with my phone and I can use it at night with a special night time mode that isn’t as hard on your eyes.

So, my argument would be, if you want to start minimizing your possessions, having an e-reader of some sort does help. If you get rid of a book my accident, then you can always purchase it again in electronic format.

The best thing about making this switch has been that I want to read more. I want to finish the books that I have in my tablet. I am looking for more books to read all the time.

Have you made the switch to an e-reader yet? I would love to know what you think of them. Please comment below to let me know what you think of ebooks and electronic readers.



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