5 Tips For Beginner Yoga Students

If you are thinking about starting yoga but you don’t know where to start. I have a few suggestions to help get you going.

1. Take a few minutes a day to just sit down and breath. Start with three minutes and just close your eyes and breath. I recommend that you set up a timer on your phone. This will help you gain awareness of your breath and breathing patterns

2. Pick out some comfy cloths from your current wardrobe. You will need to be able to move in these cloths but you should also feel comfortable in them. You don’t need to purchase some expensive cloths to practice yoga.

3. Purchase an inexpensive yoga mat. Make sure that you wash it with a mild detergent to make sure all of the production grease is off of it. A mat is important to help provide comfort and support while in yoga poses.

4. Take a beginner yoga class. There are some safety lessons that only a trained teacher can offer you. It is also important to get the foundation poses before you learn the more difficult ones. I offer personal yoga instruction in person for anyone living in the Okanagan.

5. Keep a journal of your yoga practice and lessons. This will help show you how much you are learning and keep you informed with what you want to grow with your yoga

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