Free Books!

Now that I have you attention…

Every few years, I get the urge to start visiting my local library but I have this nasty habit of losing books and building up massive fines. That means that when I do want to go back, I have a huge fine to pay. It’s a small price to pay to have access to free things.

The Okanagan Regional Library  system is one of the best in the province of British Columbia. Its got 29 branches over a wide territory. It services people from Golden to Osoyoos. I know for some people, they think that libraries are only for books but there is so much more now available to you. The Okanagan Region Library has a great mobile site and they have kept up with the changes in technology.

If you are living within the Okanagan Regional Library zone, I recommend that you stop on by, hook yourself up with a card (or new card if you have lost yours – pay your fines) and start looking at all the cool stuff they have available. There’s books, movies, magazines, music, ebooks, audio books, and tons of free activities within the buildings, such as the Kelowna downtown location’s Tuesday boardgame night. I have been going to this for a while now and it’s a great chance to play new games.

Now, as I mentioned before, I have switched to eBooks recently. Having cheaper books is great but downloading free books to read is better. Granted, you have to make sure that you have paid any previous outstanding fines before you can use this feature, which I did. The library has a huge selection of digital books that you can “barrow”. That means you can download them for a certain amount of time, then they expire. You can take them them again out again at anytime (so long as someone else isn’t using it). It’s very cool. The best part is, you don’t have to manually return the digital checked out items, they return on their own when they expire. For those of us who are terrible at remembering to return books, this is a great feature. You have 21 days to read your eBooks and then they go back into open circulation for others to then download and read. Three weeks is more than enough time to read a books, even if you are slow. So long as you don’t try to take out too many books at once, you should be fine.


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