Memories from the past

Canada is celebrating 150 years as a nation this year. Spotify has made a bunch of Canadian themed playlists for you to enjoy. This one, the Canadian ’90s is full of memories for me. Most of them are from high school, going for drives with Nancy, and dances in the gym with my friends.  There’s so many songs on here that I didn’t realise were Canadian artists at the time. Now, going back through these songs, I am filled with all sorts of happy emotions and a little bitter sweet sadness that these day’s can’t come back.

I talked with my friend Nancy last night, she’s living in Florida now with her husband. They are having some hard times right now and it makes me sad that she not as happy as she would like to me. Although, she tells me that as long as her and Nic, her husband, are together, she’s happy enough. I was relieved to hear that they two of them are strong as ever. They have something special those two. They met over a game called “World of Warcraft” and spent many years getting to know one another via chat and Skype. I have never had the chance to meet him but I know that he is good for her. They still play together and it’s the bond.


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