The Art of Puttering

I read a line in a book recently about how the Scottish are known for not sitting idly around when there is work to be done. That struck a chord with me so deep that it made a whole lot of things make sense. You see, I grew up very close to my paternal grandparents, both of which are Scottish backgrounds, my Grandmother is directly from Glasgow. They were always keeping busy with some sort of thing in the yard or house. It was the same with my parents. Dad was (still is) always out in the yard doing something and my Mom, inside doing something. My brother and I were told to play outside as much as possible when the weather was nice. Summer afternoons were almost always spent at the beach park. The TV didn’t really come on until dinner time and even then, it was just to watch a few things like the news and whatever show we were watching at the time.

In my family, we putter. This means that we are always finding things to do about the house and yard to keep it up and going. When I am home alone, I putter about the house doing all sorts of things. I honestly cannot sit still in an empty house without finding something to do. Most of the time it’s a cleaning of some sort or re-organising cluttered areas. In the summer, it’s keeping up with the yard and garden. Even this past weekend when I was taking some time for myself, I would bounce between playing my favourite game and putting about the house. Since my ex moved out, there’s some holes in my shelves that needed to be filled and re-organised to fit them.

I have been in a de-cluttering mode all year. I know now that the main reason is that I was feeling trapped in my own home. Now that my ex has left, the room that’s available feels amazing. There’s still some things that I would like to go through, like my boxes of things left over from my high school years. I have bins in the garage that need to be cleared out and have an honest look through them. I want to be able to reduce them down to one bin filled with treasures and not junk.

How do you keep yourself busy at home? Do you like puttering and keeping your home clean?



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