There is such a thing as yoga teacher burnout, it happens when you are trying to do much at once and not giving yourself space for your own practice.

This spring, I suffered from my very first yoga teacher burnout but it wasn’t just the teaching that got to me, it was life. I was burned out on my own life. I was in a loveless relationship, I was being pulling in all sorts of directions by students, I was trying to keep everything together and that’s when it all fell apart.

So this summer, I took some time to come back to myself. I left my failing relationship, I cancelled all of my reoccurring students, and then I started going back to the yoga studio for classes. I took this time to focus back in on my own yoga practice and what it looks like. I had all but forgotten how important it is to keep up with your own practice.

I was given the opportunity to teach a couple of classes at Tandava Yoga Studio which were amazing experiences for me. Teaching to large numbers of people is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. It’s given me a lot to think about in regards to where I would like to go next in my teaching career.

I recently found out that a childhood friend of mine has started up a yoga coaching business called Nomad Business Coaching. I have looked into other yoga teacher coaching programs before but this time it’s coming from someone that I have known the better part of my life. I had no idea he was even teaching yoga let alone starting up a business coaching teachers. Being the person that I am, I want to help his business grow and thrive and I am seriously contemplating taking up his offer for coaching.

My current knowledge level of self promotion and advertising is somewhat lacking. I am great a research but actual application of that knowledge is a bit of a struggle. I have learned a lot since I started but it hasn’t been enough to really thrive in this industry. I am only a year into teaching, so I don’t want to be to hard on myself for what I haven’t been able to accomplish but rather focus on what I have accomplished.

Here’s my highlights:

  1. Gaining 80 plus hours of on the mat teaching experience
  2. Meeting some great students who have likely taught me more than I taught them
  3. Having the opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers I know by going to their classes
  4. Learning to sequence a class tailored to the requests of my private students
  5. The love and support from my friends and family while I step out into the unknown

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