I have had an interesting few days. I have been feeling a major shift starting to happen within me. Something between self acceptance and movement. I have to share a story with you.

Yesterday, I finally got the energy to take out my guitars, clean them up, dust off my amps, tune the guitars (I have three: an electric, an acoustic, and a bass), and played some scales on them.

This was huge for me because I had not touched them in almost a year. For some reason, I have not been able to play in about two years. Basically, the whole time I was with my ex. There was something about being with him that made me not want to play or enjoy music. I don’t want to overthink it but being with him somehow squashed who I really was.

Later that night, I found that I wanted to meditate and practice yoga. I have been resistant to this practice for about two months now. At the end of my yoga practice, I felt pulled to do a half shoulder stand. Not only was I able to do it unassisted, it was easy to do. I almost end up in a full shoulder stand but felt that might be a bit much. I ended up spending a few minutes in laughter and elation on my mat. I was overjoyed that I finally had a yoga break through I had been trying to do since my yoga teacher training.

Having two breakthroughs in a single day felt amazing. I am starting to feel like I am getting back to myself again.

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