2017 in Review

This year was a great one for me as far as my growth as a yoga teacher goes. I gained 80 plus hours of both one on one teaching experience as well as studio class time. I learned a lot about myself through my teaching time. I feel more confident as a teacher now more than I did a year ago.

I am at the point now where I need to spend more time on my own yoga practice and gain more skill there before I can move forward with teaching again. I would like to take some more training in the new year. I only have about a year and a half left on my current Yoga Alliance certification, so if I want to keep up with it, I need at least 30 more certified class hours. I am currently only certified at 200 hours, I would like to get my other 300 hours this year to get my full 500 hours certification. The trouble will be finding the right program at the right price, the last one cost me over four grand. It was a great course though and I was able to keep working while I was doing it. I think for the next one, I might do a condensed destination one.

For the time being, I will be stepping away from teaching until February. This is because I will be gone the majority of the month of January. I will be in Hawaii with my family enjoying a much needed vacation from life and my everyday responsibilities. During this time, I will be focusing on my own yoga and spiritual path.

I don’t know exactly what will be in store this year for Clara Munro Yoga but I do know that I will continue to improve my teaching skills and my own yoga practice in the process.

Here’s to a happy 2018!


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