About Clara

I started my yoga journey when I was recovering from a serious hamstring injury. I was having trouble walking and had heard that yoga could help. I had always wanted to give yoga a try but I was intimidated by the popular yoga culture which I had perceived. I didn’t want to get judged for being 270 lbs. Eventually, I just started taking some beginner classes and I found that I really enjoyed it and there was no judgement. There were even some teachers who were super helpful in showing me ways to alter my poses to accommodate my injury.

I spent a few years just going to studios and practising on my own. I kept finding myself wanting to share what I was learning about yoga with my friends but I felt that I didn’t have the skills to teach. I spent some time working as a volunteer at one of the more popular yoga studios in Kelowna and during that time, I found that I really wanted to teach someday and maybe even own a studio of my own.

I kept my eye out for a yoga teacher course that would fit in with my work schedule and in 2015, I found one. I made some arrangements with my super supportive family to pay for the course and talked with my work to make sure I could get the time off to take it. Once a month for one day was easy to make happen. From the fall of 2015 to the spring of 2016, I worked hard to learn the poses, philosophy, and language of yoga. It was one of the best personal growth opportunities I have ever had.

In the summer of 2016, I started working with my friends to build up my teaching skills and from there I figured out that I love working one on one with people to help them grow their yoga. From there, I built a website and a Facebook page to help spread the word of my offering.

Today, I teach private classes in the comfort of a home environment, rather than a studio. It is my goal to give my clients the foundation skills they need to safely grow their yoga, free of any injuries and help them recover from their own.