Shadow Yoga

The Darkness in Me Sees the Darkness in You

In yoga, we often hear about seeking the light, staying positive, and being your truest self. For many of us, we have a darker nature or shadow side that we often ignore. What can often happen is that the longer we ignore this side of us, the larger it becomes until one day, it swallows up our better selves. It can manifest in self destructive behaviors such as substance abuse or in symptoms of depression such as anxiety and insomnia. It can show up as moments of blind rage or bottomless sorrow.

Shadow Yoga I use tools like listening to music that’s got more of an aggressive beat to it, colors that are more reflective of the internal journey, and use of alcohol in a sacred space. At first glance, you may think you have stepped into a hard rock bar with yoga mats but don’t let the atmosphere fool you, this is still yoga, just more of a darker theme.

In Shadow Yoga, you are encouraged to let out your frustrations, to swear, to yell, to move in such a way that you can let out your anger, hurt, and pain without causing harm to yourself or others.

If this is a style of yoga you would like to learn, please contact me for a free consultation:


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